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Entry #38

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  • Random Observation of the Day!!
    I love generic library algorithms!!

Well, I've been building my text-based battle system from the ground up; all the parts are still being built; working on the parser right now. Its coming along really nicely.

Hopefully it will be all done in a couple of weeks. Here is my to-do list:

[ ] Parser
[ ] Command Recognition
[ ] "Dynamic Skill Outcome Text" System
[ ] Multiple Users (1 system)
[ ] HP, MP, stats, etc
[ ] Command/Skill Data Files
[ ] User Data Files
[ ] Map out Skill Tree
[ ] Implement on Server

Kind of a long list, but it will get done eventually. Should kick some ass when it's done; we've been needing something like this for a long time. Perhaps I can adapt it to run off an IRC Channel. God, that would be interesting...

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