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Well, since these are supposed to be developer journals, I suppose I should mention what my current projects are. Right now I divide my free time into several areas.

First off, I spend quite a bit of time working on stuff for gamedev.net. Anyone reading this probably knows that I'm a roving moderator and that I post entirely too much. I also spend some time as an article editor and I worked as arguably the most active beta tester for the new forum software that just launched.

Secondly, I've been working on consolidating and building my personal code library. I'm primarily a C++ programmer when working on my personal projects, so this usually involves putting together glue components that make integration between different libraries easier to deal with. Though, it also contains quite a few template classes and some utility classes.

Thirdly, I'm working on a major (for a single person) game project, currently code named "Seventh Star". Of course, chances are the code name will become the real title. Seventh Star is a tactical combat game similar to Final Fantasy Tactics or Disgaea. I'm a one man team: art, design, programming... it's all me right now. For music and sound effects I'm considering of getting someone else to work with me, but that's still a ways off. I'm both colorblind and tone deaf, and the tone deaf part seems harder to overcome.

The release date is currently slated for August of 2012. I started in August 2002 and gave myself a 10 year development time. According to my rough timeline, I'm already about three months behind schedule.

Lastly I engage in a number of non-programming leisure activities. Strangely enough these tend to be at least peripherally related to my Seventh Star project. For example, I draw and do some computer modelling which works on my artistic skills. I also play computer and console strategy and tactics games as well as the occassional RPG, which often gives me idea that I want to incorporate into my own game project.

To be honest I'm still not sure what I'm going to talk about in here. Maybe all of these things. Maybe none of them. I've been toying with the idea of starting a project specifically to discuss here.

I'll guess I'll see what tommorrow brings tommorrow.
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