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Day 18 - Input

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Stephen R


I didn't quite get the input finished yesterday though I really should have. I was feeling quite appathetic and spent way to long playing games. Got the input stuff done today - well the immediate mode stuff anyway.

The next thing I have to do is the buffered input and events. That shouldn't be too much trouble - just catch the appropriate windows events and call the game states virtual functions. This code ties in with my so far almost completely empty GUI code. I have a portion of it, the GUI element interface classes header, done. I'll get that buffered input up over the next day or two and then I'll get the GUI stuff done. I don't think I'll bother building any widgets into the engine yet. I'll make my widgets in the client app and I'll put them into the engine when I revise it after this game. Once thats all out of the way its just sound and a bit of tidying up and I can get down to working on the game itself.

I just got the timetable for my exams today. I'll be finished on Monday the 20th. I won't be able to put in as much time into the engine / game as I want to because of study for the next week or so but I should manage to get a some stuff done.
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