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Linux Development

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Well, I've been running exclusively on Linux for a few days now and I must say it's growing on me. GNOME is a pretty nice desktop manager and the debian-like Ubuntu package manager is very cool. Being able to search for and install an application, library or source bundle from a simple application with a unified interface is very nice.

Using GCC as a compiler isn't too alien to me as I've used Dev-C++ for a while. The IDEs that you can get for Linux aren't as nice as say Visual C++ (or even Dev-C++ for that matter) but to be honest I'll get used to it. One IDE that is really shininy out is MonoDevelop, the C#/MonoBasic (think VB) .NET IDE and compiler.

I'm going to attempt a configuration of Apache soon and try and get Mono (or some form of ASP) running from there. Wish me luck ;)

I successfully compiled Manta-X with GCC today. It took me a couple of hours hunting down my non-standards compliant code (fortunately not too much). I have SiCrane to thank for one ellusive section that's fairly critical to the game as a whole :)

In all - I'm enjoying a shiny new OS and all it's strangeness - There's something kinda cool about compiling your own software too [grin]
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