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    The world is filled with stupid people, and if you haven't yet realized this, then you're stupid too. If you do, milk it for all its worth.

In recent news, I'm unofficially an artist in project `... wait, we renamed it, didn't we? Well, the project that was formally known as `.

I wish I could have had a more progamattically oriented role, but much to my regret, I can't get any C# compilers to work because of the joy that is ME. So, I'm stuck with a less... fun role.

And frankly, though I have some descent ideas, my artwork needs some work. So I'm going to take out my sketchbook tommorrow and do some sketches for the basic body of the characters, facial expressions, etc. I wish I had a scanner or a tablet or something; probably end up digitizing them by hand... oh well.

I downloaded GIMP to help, but for most of the work I think I'll use Paint (more used to it). I'll probably use GIMP for rotations, gradients (grr...adients), blurring, smearing, etc (for color).

One of the new things I'm going to try is to keep a lot of work in grayscale, so that when it comes time to color, I can apply a mask/gradient over an area and get different colors of equipment off a single sketch. Hopefully.

Oh, and my previous project mentioned will be continuing only during school hours, because I'll be alotting more time to this one instead. (oh - and this one is pretty much the same thing as the old one except this one has graphics and a point)

But for now; its time for my to go sleepy sleepy because last night I went to bed late and I paid dearly for it today...

dum dum duuuuummmm.....
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When you said 'Paint', I really hope you meant Painter and not ZSoft MS Paint. *shudders*

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Umm... I hate to make you shudder, but I mean
Which, next to VB is the scourge of the ..internets.

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I'm on the same project as Mushu, and due to my lack of experience with C# (although I do have a Jazz piece in C# Minor memorized), I had to become the sound and music guy.

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Actually, I think your stuff is pretty good, arch. Probably because you listen to FF7 midis all the time [grin].

This project, formally known as `, is going to be interesting indeed if and when it is finished! I really need to start on those sketches... don't you wish we knew C# and/or had the compiler?

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I have a free compiler/IDE, but I don't know if it's any good (never had occasion to use it). I should be asking about the sound programming. That affects my job, I suppose. I'm still waiting for the design guy to write the backstory, so I can't really do any work, anyway. :P

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Mushu, remind me to punch you in the face when you finally come here. BTW, are you planning to come and visit ahead of time?

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No prob, Fruny, though I don't think I'm gonna visit ahead of time. I already checked the school out before I applied, the orientation thing during the summer and such. Then it started to rain and I ducked out of the tour group and fled into my car. That was fun.

Arch - you can compose music without the backstory, can't you? [razz] And yeah, I have a C# IDE, it jus doesn't run because my OS is obsolete (even though I have all the .NET runtimes installed, it just doesn't run - it says something about not being able to access the .NET runtimes.)

Oh well - I don't think I know enough C# to be of help anyway, and the stuff I'm making is actually pretty neat.

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I suppose I could make music without too much of the backstory, but having it would help to inspire me. The first thing I have to do is compose a little tune for the splash screen, because Toolmaker's been on my case about that. I also have an idea for a mellow guitar/piano piece for a forest setting. Alas, I can't work on it until at least tomorrow afternoon because school is stealing my soul.

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