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There's nothing wrong with the editor, John. I see that you fixed the "suddenly clearing the whole level" bug.

A couple of things that I would add to it (although they add little to no value to the editor):

1. The square that I'm hovering over should have a glowing box or some sort of indication that I can perform some sort of action there.

2. For the items that are selectable, there should also be some sort of hover hilighting, which is different than the selected highlighting, and which is again different than the selected and hover hilighting.

3. I think I should see the X,Y coordinate that I'm hovering over in a tooltip or info panel somewhere. I know space is tight already.

oooh, I did find a "bug"... the "rotation" buttons' tooltips are not visible (I can just barely see the tippy top of them).

And this is simply a completeness thing, but I have seen sokoban levels where the "dozer" is on the same spot as a "target", and this is not supported in your editor. Sure, only 0.001% of sokoban levels actually require this feature.

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