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The import happened

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Looks like the import happened mostly without a hitch. Unfortunately, it looks like the December 1998 entries got promoted to December 2004, which is why I've got nothing for 12/98 and a few invisible entries for 12/04.

At least I think that's what happened. I went through and fixed all the picture links, so hopefully that's all nicey-nice.

Brain Bones is now working on the PocketPC. Just a screenshot doesn't do it justice, so I took a photo of the thing working.

It looks absolutely gorgeous. I was worried that the antialiasing wouldn't look as good on the ARM 12-bit color screen, but it's clear and beautiful. Unfortunately, the performance doesn't match up the the look. Of course, something that runs smoothly on a 2200 Mhz Athlon probably won't be as nice as a 200 Mhz ARM processor. It's still quite playable, but I'll need to watch putting arcade games on this thing, because it is slow.

Problem now comes to deployment. I've got two routes, neither of which is perfect:

1. Use a tool like Handsmart Flashpack, which makes a small (17k) standalone executable. . .that requires the Flash runtime be installed on your PocketPC. . .which is free but cannot be included with the install. Price = $90.

2. Use Macromedia's Standalone Flash Player for PocketPC, which makes very large (900k) standalone executables that don't require any runtime support on your PocketPC. Price = $500.

Personally, I'd prefer the first solution, but I know if this thing is ever made into an install, directing users to first go to www.macromedia.com/whatever to install a runtime gizmo is gonna be a tall order.

I might have to go with both. Perhaps check for the runtime and install the appropriate version.

Ugh, that'd be expensive.

Oh, and kudos to Fruny for suggesting giving a person four skulls and a score of -100 for the first few pairs rather than counting from zero and not giving a positive score until making the fifth pair. It's a bit more obvious. See how the screenshot above differs from the one a couple of days ago to see what I'm talking about.
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