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Honeycomb Scoring, Final Round

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Thus far, I am down to the following three two new methods of scoring for honeycomb:

1) Give the player LVL moves when he starts a new level, and when a level is complete, give him one bonus move(which carries over) for completion, and another bonus move if the solution is perfect.

2) Give the player (LVL+1) moves when he starts a new level, and any remaining moves carry over to the next level.

3) Each level has a "par" value that must be achieved in order to progress to the next round. Essentially, this would be like giving the player (2*LVL-1) moves for the round, with no carry overs.
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Finding a "par" (a score in which the average player can complete a game) will likely be difficult, as the number of moves required doesn't grow in a straight line.

At least in my experience, getting a perfect score in levels 1-20 is not very difficult. Getting a perfect score in levels 20-25 is challenging. 25-30 is difficult, and getting a perfect score above level 35 or so is almost impossible.

It's some kind of fast-growing curve.

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