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Thems was the days

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Since I reminded Bryan of an old college incident that he recounted in his blog comments, I shall relay another.

The old Texas A&M engineering building was across the street from a McDonald's, and I often ran by there to grab some lunch on the way to the lab. One day I popped into the lab to find Bryan. He had apparently been up all night working on a project. At this point I was holding the empty, save for several ketchup packets, styrofoam (this was the 80's) Big Mac container and I was looking for a place to throw it out. The exchange then went like this.

Bryan: What's in there?
Me: A tiny dwarf.
Bryan: Can I see it?
Me: No. It's an evil dwarf, and it will bite you.

Before I could stop him, he grabbed the container out of my hands, threw it on the floor, and stomped it. What resulted was a spray of ketchup across the carpet and up the wall.

It took him a while to readjust to reality, as he for a moment thought that he had just killed something in the package.
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