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Entry #40: How to make monney off Game Programming

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  • Random Observation of the Day!!
    Oh teh noes! My journal is over the hill! Soon, it will no longer be able to race, and we'll have to cut it up, feed it to the dogs, and mash the remains into GLUE!!!

Okay guys!!!!1 I'm writing a book about how to make your own MMORPG. The title is:

Make Your Own MMORPG (FOR FREE) and get Monnay In 6 Easy Steps:
~By Mushu
  • Step 1. Become a member of this site.
  • Step 2. Pretend to be an uber 1337 programmer and gain their respect.
  • Step 3. Join the start of a MMORPG project!!
  • Step 4. Make sure that your team has: 1 person who knows a lot about making a server and that sort of stuff, 1 who knows a lot about game design and other important stuff, 1 who can compose music, and 1 who can draw.
  • Step 5.Become team notetakker/correspondant/secretary.
  • Step 6.As soon as you have the notes + code for the completed project, write a book about how to make your own MMORPG (FOR FREE) and how to get monnay in 6 easy steps and then voila! You've got mailmonney.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed my tutorial on how to make monney with game programming, hope to see you next time!
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Aww... SHIT

Good thing you showed me that program, then [grin]! (no, I wouldn't take your job unless it meant doubling my salary. So you don't have to worry... yet...)

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