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Woa, didnt get much done that was on my list for the night. Got really sidetracked with cygwin and bitchx somehow. Managed to get it compiling from source pretty easy, but bitchx usage is taking some time to remember and get used to all over again. But its cool stuff, cause now i get to run linux again (kinda)! I have slackware booting on this laptop, but since i smashed up my network port ive had to rely on my wireless.. which is something i havent been able to configure with slack. So.. messing with linux got a little tedious after a while.

Anyway.. I justify all this work because we are going to port our gp project to linux! Started a cygwin/bitchx tutorial for the group as well...


+Subscribe to Nebula 2 mailing lists cvs/discuss
-Polish Nebula 2 cvs access and sdk compile tutorial
-Write Nebula 2 build system tutorial
-Study HDR lighting model
-Study Nebula 2 toolkit
-Inquire about Nebula 2 toolkit/cvs integrations
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