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16bit Mess

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All right, small rant here...

I'm bee-bopping along, working on my engine when I run another DX program which switches my color depth (but not the resolution) and didn't put it back when it exited. Talk about being rude. If you are going to write crap that does this, please return my display to its original settings...That was a major bummer. Needless to say, my mouse mapping didn't work because I have been living in a 24bit world (very naive on my part). Long story short and with almost an hour of trying to figure out why my code wasn't working, I decided to rewrite the mapping function. After a couple of days and with zero enthusiasm, I finally got it. Right now, I am just handling the 5-6-5 format but was wondering if I should also put the 5-5-5 in as well. The point being if your card supports 16bit in the 5-5-5 format, it is probably too old to handle the engine anyway. Am I wrong to think this? I am going to put everything up here and document it, to bore the hell out of some people. 8>)

One other thing, I have tried to contact VertexNormal and TANSTAAFL but with no response to emails. Tis the season to be...Jolly? Or maybe I have their wrong info.
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I replied to your email, but apparently it didn't make it through. Not surprising, since linuxmail has been acting extremely flaky lately. I'll try to send again...

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Thanks, VN. I didn't think I was being ignored. I'll let you know when I receive it.

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