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Entry #41

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  • Random Observation of the Day
    Sometimes, life just sucks.

EDIT: Taking Johnhattan's suggestion.

Just got an email from the girl that (I fear) I may still be in love with. Haven't heard from her in 4 months; and its been a year since I've seen her...

Still the same, nonchalent banter; what are you doing for Christmas, coming to visit? how's life? etc. *sigh* God...

For advice, I can say only this: If you love someone, and they love you in return, don't wait. Make something happen. Because, inevitably, they won't love you in the same way anymore; you'll just become another name on another list of people to send a yearly greeting to; while they will forever haunt your thoughts each and every night for the rest of your life.

(And why the fuck is there a single Christmas light on my desk...? Is this why that string of lights I threw out earlier today didn't work..? _dammit_)

Anyway, there's a couple wasted years of my life for ya - a balloon inflated to bursting, shoved into a vacuum, and burst... fated to spend the rest of its existance pondering the meaning of the past, and revelling in glory lost.

(The ultimate irony is, I now must go and compose an analytical essay discussing the effects of Free Will prescribed in Milton's Paradise Lost...)

In the words of Robin Williams, "The world needs a new drug, not ridilin, not valium, something better. We'll call it... 'fuckitall'."
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The only advice on love I can provide is "Never provide advice on love, as it will be 102% ignored".

I've had my widdle heart torn out and stomped on plenty of times. I've carried more torces than I've had hands. And it all worked out in the end and I've learned plenty from it. Every time I've given advice, though, it's been entirely ignored because the situation of the advice-ee is certainly different from mine and I can't possibly know how they're feeling and their situation will end much better than the way I told 'em it's destined to end. . .even though it never has.

So I gave up. To misquote Thomas Paine, giving advice on love is like to administering medicine to the dead. Don't waste your time. Read a book instead.

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