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Diddly Squat

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Yea... so okay I haven't been doing much lately programming-wise. It's been a busy week, especially with xmas looming ever closer. It's just getting a little tough balancing the schedule out so I can do everything. Like tomorrow I have a trampoline meet to coach and then it's straight up to Palisades to hang with the rest if the NJ IGDA chapter for dinner and games at Dave & Busters. Scratch Sat. Hopefully I'll be able to get my list box widget done on Sunday. That would be awesome.

Oh yea, I spent all of Wednesday night reading the newest Star Wars book, Dark Rendezvous. It was an awesome novel, mainly because of the fact that it's the first book that features Yoda as the main character. The author (Sean Stewart) said in an interview that he was looking to capture the character of Yoda as he was in The Empire Strikes Back, and this he did indeed do very well. I was laughing a couple of times while reading due to Yoda's antics. For instance, one scene he was in the Jedi Temple cafateria eating his food, when a serving droid came up and attempted to take the bowl from him. The droid urged that the contents of the bowl was not recognizable as food (Yoda ate weird stuff) and Yoda kept banging on him with his walking stick. This obviously brings back to mind the humourus scene in Empire where R2-D2 tries to use his grasper hand to get Luke's penlight back from Yoda. "Mine! Or I will help you not!" [smile]. It was a good book.
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