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I just came in here for the ice cream

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So I am working on my first 3D application. More like a learning experience right now, but thats where it needs to start. You can download the current version here on my GameDev.Net webspace. I will make a space in there for the all required "news" section, where I might highlight changes that were made. I will have more detailed information about it in here maybe, but I'm not all excited about updating an HTML page every time I change little bits.

Anyways, here is a screen shot to drool over. I feel that I have a pretty good base, and will try to turn it into a breakout style game to call it complete.

I have not gotten to write any new code in about 2 days, which makes me hurt inside. I will be able to get some in I think tomorrow, and Sunday. I will be working on getting my new class to test for sphere-on-plane collisions, I have the sphere-to-sphere stuff pretty much done. Thats all I really had done before I moved into a new class, so it was just a matter of making the older code work in the new data.

Oh well, time to sleep.
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