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The Man Has Gone Insane!

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So, SiCrane has apparently been addicted to Honeycomb, as you can see from the Top Scores List. (Apparently SiCrane's name is Howard).

In fact, his most recent Journal Entry he uses a lot of number crunching statistical analysis terms, many of which I am unfamiliar with, but the man seems to know what he is talking about, and such an analysis means one thing: the game is good.

Today, I've got two tasks. One, finish up the user system for the top scores list, and two, incorporate the user system into honeycomb (this means there will be another wipe of the top scores list as the system switches). I'm moving to a login type system, with email addresses as the login, passwords, and then a displayed name (which I can at any time set to visible or not(which will then only show '******') to help curb profanity). Players who do not wish to have an account can still submit scores anonymously, but the scores will be listed as "Anonymous".
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Eh, it was mostly linear algebra and group theory, not much stats there. :)

Anyways, I got this screencap from the latest version, which seems a bit suspicious to me:

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Yes, that is a little strange. Your total moves (1081) is the correct value considering a perfect score at the end of level 46. (46)*(47)/(2)==1081

The value that is incorrect is the "Bonus Moves Left", which should only be at 46 until you click the "Next Level" button, at which point the game goes into "State 5" which is a new level.

I checked the code, and the only thing I can think of is that somehow the onState handler is being called twice, but even that doesn't make any sense, because then the level would be incremented twice as well, but that is the ONLY part of the code that increments the number of bonus moves remaining.

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