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User Support Page

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Task #1 for the day completed.

The User Support Page for the Top Scores List.

I had originally considered having several pages, one for each of the tasks that can be performed with a use account. Yesterday, as I got started, I decided to go with a single page with everything on it to make it easy.

With the system I have, it is really rather easy to have as many games as you like all attached to a single user system. Certain fields, like UserID, EntryID, EntryDate, and EntryRank are common to every game. The rest are all customizable, like what table the entries are stored in, how the entries are to be sorted, how many ranks are to be kept in the list, what extra fields are kept in the list, and so on.

Very soon, the honeycomb top scores list will be wiped as I upgrade the system.
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