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Easily distracted

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Well I did a nice job of getting the sphere to plane tests setup, all thats left is to solve for the time of collision. I had a good running start, but don't you know once you get chatting it's hard to get back into the groove.

I still have not gotten to test any of it yet, since it is designed for a different class structure than what I am currently using. I will be getting that setup for testing very soon though, becuase I really want to see how the tests work out on the full scene.

What I want to do is for each time frame, locate the earliest collision. Then move all objects to that first point, objects colliding at that point will be handled to react to the collision. Keep doing this untill we have handled all collisions and moved to the end of the timeframe. I'm sure someone has done this before.

The only thing that I'm wondering about how I'm going to handle is objects colliding with multiple other objects at the same timeframe. I have been working with 1 on 1 collisions so far, I'm not sure how to make them respond correctly.

My girlfriend just came home, so I don't think I'll be getting alot more code out tonight. But either way, I updated the source that is included with the game distribution. All you should need to do is update the paths to the DX9 files. I'm not sure how my local path is going to hold up when opening the solution.
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