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Lazy son of a...

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It's been three days and I haven't coded a single line of code. Made the mistake of hitting Fry's electronics again and picking up some games. Been playing Divine Divinity. It's not bad.

There is a little too much of the 'wild goose chase' going on in this game. For instance, right now I'm trying to find a Stone Axe that has been stolen from the dwarves, and I'm tearing my hair out in frustration since I can't figure out what to do next. An online cheat (yes, for the first time in my life, I've had to check a cheat) says I'm supposed to purchase a Dwarven Ale from a specific character and bring it to the mayor of the dwarven village, and he'll spill his guts about a cave and a password. All the cheats online say is to buy the ale and 'give' it to him, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to give it to him. I've tried talking to him with it in inventory, trading it to him for free, I've even tried throwing the damned thing at him--to no avail. He just keeps spouting the same old nonsense, and I can not progress. This on top of the 45 minutes I spent chasing around the entire be-damned world talking to every dwarf I could get my hands on, before at last checking the online guides, trying to figure out which damned characters I'm supposed to talk to. I even had already spoken to the mayor, with Dwarven Ale in hand, three times before checking the cheat (since an earlier character had said to start with talking to him and to the elven prisoner accused of taking the axe); imagine my rage when I discovered that due to some wierd shit, that is exactly what I'm supposed to do, but for some reason it does nothing for me.

For the last couple days I've been severely hooked on this game, but now I may not actually play it again. Wild goose chases in general piss me off, and when I can't complete them and progress with the game they piss me off even worse. And it's a shame, because this is a damned fine looking game, and while the movement controls are a little gimpy, the engine itself has merit. Perchance I'll get Beyond Divinity, and perchance whatever strange bug or wierdness prevents me from getting past this one spot will magically fix itself in the upgrade. We'll see.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I've gotten exactly nothing done since Thursday.

In case anyone cares (highly doubtful), I bought a new 120GB hard drive, since this one is getting a tad full, and I'm planning on doing a full clean reinstall of Debian, probably tomorrow. Been needing it, since with all the various projects I've got going, 20GB is not much space. I've been ramming my head against that ceiling for a couple weeks now, offloading older art and graphics from various projects onto CD backups to free up space, and I'm finally getting sick of it.

evolutional has gotten me fired up to check out Mono again, so I installed Mono, Monodevelop, etc.... but I haven't been able to spend any time re-familiarizing myself with C#. I should know better than to buy games. I don't have time to play games; I really don't. Sad thing for a wannabe game developer to say, but it's true. When I play games, I don't program games, or do anything else productive. Maybe it's a good thing I'm too stupid to find a light-damned dwarven axe, because now maybe I'll get something done.

Decided to conform, to fit-in, to follow the herd. I put a Santa hat on my avatar. Ho ho ho, and all that rot.
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