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Dual Analog 2D 3rd Person Shooter

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[journal dump]

i want to test out how jenn does with a setup like this. we'll connect the left analog to moving the player around, and the right analog to a targeting cursor. when you use R1 you shoot a bullet. if the bullet hits a target, you get a point. we'll give her like one minute or something to hit as many targets as possible. the target will move every time its hit.

the first thing we need to do is drop an avatar and target cursor image in. let's do that now. [working] i also dropped the target and bullet pictures in. now what i need to do is get the program to look for the joystick(s). if they're not there, the program will have to complain and just sit there and do nothing. (maybe display a disconnected symbol and keep checking?) once it has the joystick, we'll set up the main loop to be non-blocking and then set the crosshair to wherever the right analog is. i'll talk about that when we get there.

first we'll make the program nonblocking so that we can do all this properly. we're also going to need to set things up for timing eventually. [away]

jenn wanted to try to be a bigger part in the project to help her learn about this stuff. i gots no problem with that! what we've done is, i've walked her through what i think we need to do, and had her type in and click on everything that needed to be done.

we went through the journal entry and i explained everything she wasn't sure of as best as we could. we had a little trouble at first because i was rushing her a bit. after we slowed up, we started getting somewhere. we broke the Application.Run() up into a more explicit loop and now we can start adding stuff in where we need to. i also had her add the DirectX and DirectX.DirectInput references to get us just a little closer to our goal.

the next thing we need to do is go over the DirectInput joystick sample and figure out what parts of it we're going to need to use. the most important part right now is getting ahold of the joystick and if we can't, to just keep trying. the stuff that happens while we have the joystick is going to be ignored if we don't have it. what i mean is, if the program is running and there's no joystick plugged in, it won't do anything. its going to keep trying to grab the joystick until one is plugged in. when its plugged in, it will instead check to see if it still has the joystick and if it does, it'll do the other stuff.

i think i'm going to add a joystick unplugged icon so that the program will visually tell us that there's no joystick plugged in. i'll even add that now. [working] hehe that was a little bit of a pain, but i got it. i just stole the pic from the camera program ^_^ we'll just hide it in the main program when we find the joystick, and show it when we can't find the joystick. i'm out [gone]
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