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Dual Analog continued

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[journal dump]

i'm not actually going to do any work, i'm just going to drop some reminders in here for now. i'm going to need to read and highlight important parts of the joystick sample in order to progress. i'm also going to eventually have to add timing support to make the avatar move around at a consistant rate. [away]

ok, me and jenn went and did some more work on the project. what i wanted to do was to do all of the checking for the joysticks and get that out of the way. i wasn't really sure what i was doing, so i just sorta stabbed at it and copied what was in the sample. we ended up forgetting to call the initDirectDraw command in Main, and tried to use a nonexistant command (in our program) called UpdateControls - which was used in the sample but wasn't needed in ours.

after we got all the errors out, we tested it. with no joystick plugged in, it popped up an error message as we expected it to (and jenn was happy!). when we plugged in the joystick, we didn't get an error message - again, just as we expected. something went right!

so the next thing i would like to do is to add an active check to make sure our joystick is still hooked up, in the main loop. something like CheckForJoystick and it will say true (its still hooked up) or false (its not there now) and we'll turn the disconnected sticker on and off. as we plug in and unplug the joystick (poor computer!) it will show up right in the program.

after that, we can start getting information out of the joystick and start moving the avatar and the crosshair pictures around. whee! [gone] [edit: added some descriptive comments to the source code. should probably be doing that as we go along so that we don't forget... ]
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