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Saturday, December 11th

There have been a couple of GDNet local gatherings in the past few weeks, and while the group I gathered with tonight did so under the banner of the IGDA rather than GDNet, it was still the same thing: a bunch of developers meeting up to relax and have a good time.

Me and five other Jersey developers met up at the area Dave & Busters (and by area, I mean the one closest to our state :P, just over the border in NY) for some food and games.

It took a while for all off us to meet up - here's a pic of poor Pete sitting all alone by the entrance looking forlorn:

Okay so he's actually grinning evilly in anticipation of kicking people's butts in games but what's the difference. Anywho, we all finally met up and ate some dinner:

That would be Dan, Jason, Pete, Rob and Gerald. After we all ate we broke up and played some more games.

Sometimes we played individually, sometimes cooperatively, and other times... well let's just say the competition got rather messy. Take, for example, Daytona. Ooh boy. We tried our best to swipe our cards at the same time so we could all race together, but I ended up only racing Dan and Gerald. They probably wanted to rip my head off after the race was over. Not because I had won, but because of how I had won. Simply put, if either of them tried to pass me they got wall checked. Hard. I must have flipped poor Dan's car like 5 times after slamming him into the wall. My tactics were brutal. Of course they would always pass right before a turn so I'd simply get on the inside and take the turn wide and slam em against the wall. Either that or I'd just lock wheel with them and physically shove them to the side of the road. Hey, I played dirty. But I still won [smile]. The other competitive game we played was Battletech, a mech simulator:

That was fun, and everyone got owned by me, including two little kids that were nothing but fodder for my cannons. Sorry kids. [evil]. I totalled 11 kills, Dan came in second with 6, and Jason and Pete came in third with 5. The tactic I used to get so many kills was simple: the rest of the mechs would all run into each other and attack at point blank range, which means I had a clump of 5-7 mechs to shoot at with my missles and guns form range. How could I miss?? I admit in the beginning I too ran right up to people, but quickly learned that wasn't a good way to stay alive.

So yea. It was fun. Definetly looking forward to doing it again, especially since I still have credits left on my card for playing games.

Here are some movies I took as well:

Dan and Jason playing a DDR clone
Dan and Pete playing Street Fighter
Pete playing Ghost Squad - this cool shooter I liked too
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Thanks for posting the quick wrap-up! It was a little out of the way, but was fun. Maybe we hit Philly next time?


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