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Scribbler Dump

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I have this scribbler (it's actually a graph paper scribbler) and I used it to help figure out what I was going to need from my 'Ultimate Action-Adventure'. I'd been into some games at the time and it was all fresh in my mind, so it seemed like a good idea. Below is a dump of my findings.

[edit: Yeah, it's alot. Some of it doesn't seem finished either - not to mention there isn't much of a flow going on there. I consider it just an extension to my txt journal, only on paper.. and without any real coherent thoughts.]

- Stamina Bar is annoying
- Monsters that are walking away from you cannot be hit [edit: by melee attacks]
- not enough variety in monster AI
- hit/miss should not be rolled
- not enough storage space in stash [edit: even in Expansion]
- should show damage values being scored (amount of damage)
- can't share items between different characters (SP) [edit: doing it on battle.net is a pain too]
- should be able to have two or more custom characters in one one-player game
- point-and-click interface takes away immediate response
- too much standing face-to-face and exchanging blows [edit: for melee characters]
- can't take control of helper characters
- can't issue commands to helper (defend me, fight strongest)
- can't have more than one helper (except necro druid)
- should be able to see total ^ chance of finding items/mag items
- things get hidden behind walls & houses
- should be able to put things in open treasure chests (why?)
- monsters shuld want to kill each other
- should be able to gain exp from re-killing revived monsters
- can't remove gems that have been socketed <-(yes you can!)
- traps should hurt monsters nearby
- skills should iprove through use
- can't rotate items to fit them better in backpack
- should be able to check the time somehow without leaving game [edit: can on battle.net]
- no variation on weapons -> all melee weapons act the same, all missile weapons act the same
- no way to see where monsters or treasures are on maps

- ring menus aren't very easy to find things in
- only one weapon (of each type) and armor (of each type) at a time in inventory
- monsters drop items once per group, and item drop chance is very low
- can't have any more than one effect on a weapon/armor
- level up system doesn't allow you to know what next classes are, or their bonuses
- no indication of how many hitpoints monsters have left
- hit/miss shouldn't be because of roll, if sowrd passes through monster, you should hit 100% of the time
- tempering equipment is too complicated: seeds -> fruit/veggie -> temper
- forging new weapons is also painful, you lose the bonuses you got from tempering earlier
- treasures dropped by monsters disappear after a set time
- if you don't beat all of the monsters on a screen, you don't get a treasure
- can only save at statues
- can't lay right away; you have to go through ~5min of reading first
- if your main char dies, the helper can't bring him/her back to life -> game over
- no map
- helper AI worries more about returning to you than defending him/herself -> dies more often than they should
- no multiplayer [edit: biggest problem with the game!]
- can't hit more than one enemy at a time -> if you focus on one and other steps over it, you might start hitting the new one (makes it difficult to eliminate monster you were focused on)
- NPC AI selection too limited

- item list too long; doesn't auto-sort
- weapons/armor difficult to forge; can't sell or trade completed forgings
- letter sending is annoying
- no health bar over enemies (except boss)
- no indication of amount of damage being dealt
- no CPU AI to help
- once cmd slot list gets big, it takes a while to get to items
- beating monsters is pointless unless you're looking for items
- if you don't have gameboys, you can't play MP
- enemy weakness/4th gba screen not available to 1/2 player games
- should be able to remove attack/defend from action slot list
- stun length too long
- can't access menu (items/equip/etc) from world map
- can only beat 3 new stages before monsters get stronger (must choose only 3 stages)
- too few levels
- should be able to control more than one char
- carrying things slows you down
- shields only for clavats
- can't buy or find completed weap/armor
- can only use one type of weapon
- need gb for map

- looks / feels like Sword of Mana
- plays like Crystal Chronicles
- treasure hunting of Diablo feature
- plays on gba
- up to 4 player MP

- weapons & magic get stronger through use [edit: unlike diablo, where you just put points in it at level-up]
- damage points shown on hit
- chance for double damage + stun
- weapons all act different
- combos do 1.5x and then 2x damage [edit: on weapons that let you do combos]

- combining attacks/magic for more power
- method used for selecting & use of commands

- random map generation
- skill trees [edit: uniqueness of character classes]
- variety of items

- riding horses to speed travel
- control horse's momentum -> not turn-on-a-dime
- should be able to attack as normal
- new horse-only weapons/armor -> outfit horse
- horse does trample damage against smaler enemies
- buy horses at ranches
- catch wild horses -> probably stronger/faster than ranched
- breed horses -> like chocobo breading in ff7
- horses take damage from monsters
- differences in horses: attack str/def/speed/(stamina?)
- horses level up
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Pretty good lists. I disagree with a few things, of course, but that's all just subjective opinion. The main that comes to mind is your D2 entries about not being able to control your helper characters-- something that I consider to be far preferable to actually being able to control them. I've always mildly detested party-based games where I have to control a whole pack of characters. It takes away from the action and splits my attention, which is not very good for developing any sort of bond with a given character. I would rather have a helper character with a good AI (emphasis on the 'good' part, as a bad one can be worse than no helper at all) than to have to be arsed to control 16 different characters, or even 1 additional character. Leaves me in immediate control of my personal avatar without disrupting the immersion.

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