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Knight's Challenge/Honeycomb Synergy

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Today, working on Honeycomb and trying to get it closer to the state in which I can call it "done", I sometimes can't help but think of the other projects I'm doing or want to do.

Next on the list of remakes is Cowhead, because the scoring system is broken and the interface is kind of ugly. And I'd like to add it to the top scores system.

ChemHex needs to be adjusted so that it can make use of the top scores system, but that is a relatively minor change, and I don't need to do a complete remake of the game.

The Unnamed Game is still in "proof of concept" phase. It needs a heavy coat of polish before it can be even close to done. Plus it needs to be tied into the Top Scores system.

I want to shine up "Click the Yellow Rhombus". It shouldn't take too long, and it is another one I want Top Scores for.

If you saw the blip that was "JetLag:Crystal Edition", that's another one for the pile.

I've got many many more assignments to make for the MakeDeez Games project, as well as plenty of chapters and other resources to write. I do get in a few assignments per week, or at least portions of them. Plus I then actually have to MAKE the games.

But I was also thinking about Knight's Challenge. The version I have out there is okay, but has a fatal flaw. Once you have solved it, there is no need to solve it again. It is a static puzzle with no replay value.

So I thought about it a little bit while I was tweaking Honeycomb today, and I came up with an idea that I think is worth exploring:

What if every time the Knight lands on the board, it does the same sort of think that the Bees do in Honeycomb(i.e. light up the squares on and around it)? With this sort of scheme, I can come up with a series of N random moves, put the Knight at a location one move away from the first place he needs to go, and blammo, new game.

Derivative? Yes. But so are cell phone walkie-talkies.

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I would love a "mark this hex as final" feature for cowhead. It would very much help on the 16x16 maps.

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