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Man, I am beat. Im trying to get back into a more 'sane' sleeping schedule. Waking up at 9pm and crashing at 11am/12pm was starting get a little... wierd. I must say though, I have learned alot this past week. The main focus was Cygwin; I am so addicted!

Working in a linux'ish environment all week has been extremely refreshing. I think something different, and a break from the norm was what I really needed. Ive learned alot about linux development, gcc, and cvs. This is _really_ cool stuff that I have been wanting to learn for a while. I have plans to port Ars Moriendi to linux and mac if we can turn out a stable enough release, and my current team has plans of porting to linux as well. Such an awesome week, I learned about so much cool shit!

...hopefully next week will turn out some serious headway with Nebula2 :)
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