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It's taken me long enough, I reckon over 48 hours worth of combined tinkering, but I've finally got frickin' Mono/ASP.NET working with MySQL on my machine. I fired up apache and saw the wonderful site of my crappy test page staring back at me. Now maybe I can reinstall monodevelop and work on my site seriously again. I'm going to have to build MonoDevelop from source as the Ubuntu package manager refuses to install it. I installed my own 1.0.whatever version of Mono, XSP and mod_mono from source and the package manager apparently hates me for it. Ah well - I don't care too much - do you?
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I had some pretty significant trouble installing Mono and MonoDevelop the other day as well. Risks of running Debian unstable, I guess, but some of the packages just flat weren't available. It took me a number of packagelist updates and a lot of farting around before I could get it to install cleanly...

The Warty release of Ubuntu is based on Debian unstable, IIRC, so maybe you were having the same problems as I was. I dunno...

Stupid computers anyway. Who needs 'em? [grin]

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