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Well the Full HL2 SDK came out just under two weeks ago so I've started doing the coding for the HL2 mod I'm working on Valandil which is comming on rather slowly mainly due to my unfamiliarity with the HL2 SDK codebase which could really do with some better documentation and commenting. Valve have supplied some basic documentation but it's in the form of articles/tutorials on how to do a few basic things rather than a decent reference and I'm not overly fond of the structure of the code itself. However I want to make an HL2 mod so I'm stuck with it, though I may have a go at writing my own version sometime [grin].

All the universities I've applied to (Warrick, Bristol, Cambridge, York, Edinburgh all for Computer Science) have now sent me offers (with the exception of Cambridge, I had an interview there last week and should be getting a letter from them in january). So I've got to start deciding which offer I'm actually going to accept. I've got exams comming up in January which are going to be pretty cruical, so my christmas holiday is going to involve lots of revision. I really need to think of something to do for my chemistry and physics coursework as well....
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