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Well its progress

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The new class has been added to some more, I now have the all important Update() and Render() functions on my ObjectSphere class. Aswell as fixing the code so it would work, thats always good too. I didn't upload the new source becuase I'm too lazy tonight, and I'd rather post it after I make the next changes.

All thats left is to clear up the 'non-zero refrence count' I'm getting on exit. Once thats done, I will most likely destroy the objectIndex implimentation, so I can focus on the new classes, and not have to wonder if I have that object in the old code or new code.

I also found my old car cd case, I lost track of it after my cd player got stolen months ago. So I decided to make them into mp3s, so I could actually listen to them again! =D
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