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Now here's a deal

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I know there are some folks out there who like it when I post deals. I find deals all the time, which often entertains my coworkers here. Last thing I got was a free mini-fridge and luggage when I bought some more ink for the plotter.

This deal's gonna be hard to beat. It's Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0, which is a nice "Baby Photoshop" app. It's not quite as nice as Paint Shop Pro, but the price is becoming more and more unbeatable. And you can get it along with an old version of Borland Delphi shipped for under $16. No rebates or anything.

Here's how to do it. . .

1. Go to http://www.softwareoutlet.com/christmas. On this page you'll see Elements for $19.99. Add it to your cart.

2. Search for "Delphi" in the search-box and add a 99-cent copy of Delphi 2.0 to the package. This'll get the purchase price over $20.

3. When checking out, use the code "10XMAS" in the coupon-code box for a $10 discount.

4. Choose the economy $4.95 shipping, and you'll have yourself a Photoshop Elements and Delphi for $15.93, which is a pretty unbeatable price for what you get.

I've done plenty of business with Softwareoutlet in the past, and they're a good company with some great deals.

Alternately, if you don't want the Photoshop Elements, they've got Half Life 2 for $39.99 on the Christmas page. Subtract the 10XMAS $10 and add shipping, and you've got HL2 for $34.94. Given that Best Buy's selling it for $54.99, that seems like a good deal too.

Happy dealing!
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