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Entry #42

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  • Random Observation of the Day
    Anime isn't all that hard to draw. Its frickin' scary.

Found out today that I'm starting to pack on a few pounds. This will be countered by a daily exercise routine and a reduction in fuel intake.

In other news, borrowed Soul Calibur 2. Fun game.

And, on the western front, did some sketches of a wooded map with a nice cabin and NPC; played with eyes (*finally* figured out how to do them); started preliminary sketches for some monsters; starting to brainstorm tiles too...

Finally, back at home having some problems "framing" a string in asterixes ("*"s) because of some weirdness with std::string(int, char) which I just figured out that I accidentally got the arguments backwards... which doesn't make sense since I wrote my own function which crashed when it actually needed to do something (WOW! THAT SAYS SOMETHING!)

Oh well. It _will_ work tommorrow. Unless the computer spontaneously combusts. In which case, it will not work. And, uh, this spontanteous combustion may or may not be assisted...

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