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I've done bugger all

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I haven't programmed anything game related in weeks. The general malaise has set in. I just don't want my journal to be on the bottom.
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I have the same problem. But I post stupidity, not randomly. [wink]

Actually, I coded something random in C++ today... but overly simplistic to be mentioned within these walls (the walls have ears!)


A word of warning before I retire to the realm of ..err... sleep: insanity is contageous...

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I hate when I get into that mood myself. I have so many other things to do tho that sometimes I just don't realize I haven't programmed in a few days [smile]

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Yeah, I hate it too. Think I am going to try and increase my artistic talent so I have game assets to work with. That would certainly make the results of my programming more interesting.

Either that or start posting nonsense [grin]

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