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I finished the model code, but I haven't started on animation code or textures yet, it just loads points, calculates normals, and draws faces right now.

The concept of the space game sounds cool, but it's not really at the top of things I want to be working on. The only problem is, I don't know what is at the top of things I want to be doing.

I guess that i'll work on this thing for a while, or until I get a better understanding of what I want to do and where I want to go.

I've had a strong feeling lately that I want to make games lately, I just don't know what. It's hard for me to have no goal. I'm lost without one. If I can come up with a goal or set of goals that I want to accomplish, then I have a better idea of how to work toward them.

Completely off topic, i'm going to Disney World! We'll be driving the day after Christmas and be down in Florida for 3 days [grin]. Disney World rox!
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