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Still plugging away...

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Okay, I managed to put the game down and walk away. Still couldn't figure out how to find the axe, so I'm done with the damned thing. Back to coding...

Overlay console is mostly functional. Working on some tweaks, fixing things up, and trying to settle on a font I can stand to look at for more than a few minutes. I'm getting impatient to finish the engine to the point where I can return to the tutorials, since that's what I really want to do in the first place. Got a lot of stuff I still want to cover.

I've updated the Accidental site with a blurb, and with a screenshot of the new ashlands/lave tileset i've been working on:

Still needs quite a bit of work, especially on the lava, and I'm working on a transition tile type to make the change from rock to hot magma a little nicer. Using the alpha-mapped fade between layers forces certain sacrifices on me in this regard; in the 'old' way I could whip up specialized transition tiles to give the stone/lava boundary a more realistic look. But the switch to alpha-blended layers removed that possibility, so I need to resort to texture trickery to make it look better. That was the tradeoff, and I understood it would happen, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Doing the terrain textures is much easier this way, though, as it's a major pain in the ass to create boundary tiles by hand.

Anyway, gotta scram. Hasta la pasta, rasta.
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Heh heh, yeah. He shows up a little better without JPEG compression artifacts and when he's in motion, but he still tends to sorta blend into the background on this tileset. I might darken brightness/increase contrast just a tad bit, maybe things'll show up a little better.

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Josh, looks great. Is your lava fluid? I know you were\are doing laying with it but can it be manipulated so as to make it look like it were moving?

BTW, that little guy IS scary. 8>)

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Thanks, guys.

No, the lava isn't fluid. I could probably make it so without too much effort, though. I'd have to reverse engineer how the Gimp creates turbulent noise with it's solid clouds filter, but that wouldn't be too hard. The biggest obstacle would be that the Accidental Engine currently doesn't support animated terrain layers. I may implement them later, but for now I just want to get this monster finished.

That little critter is the second character I ever modelled and animated, back when I first started teaching myself how to use Blender to make game graphics for the first Golem. He is loosely based on the Hook Horror monster from the AD&D Monstrous Manual, 2nd Edition. Very loosely. He's been through many different abandonware projects of mine, from isometrics to side-scrollers to top-down shooters. He's my fall-back guy for whenever I need an animation quickly. In his colorful career he has been exploded, mutilated, shot, launched from cannons, incinerated, defenestrated, and colored a lovely shade of mauve. I have not yet officially named him, but I sometimes call him George.

Funny how you can get attached to what amounts to a simple group of colorful dots...

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