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getting workable

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I have killed the monster. My nasty array of structs, which had classes and data. Oh ick, but it worked. I commented out any lines that used it, then I removed the removed the declaration of it all together. It works, its cleaner. The exe is 4 Kb smaller! Oh wow, I even uploaded it! Time has come to build a scene manager, or something to create new objects in the world on the fly. I'm not very good at naming my classes so its probally going to be called SceneManager or something uber creative like that.

My object manager was really mostly the workhorse for my struct array. So it might get yanked out if I get something to work nicly with my classes. Seen as how the object class types will be able to assign themselfs properties thru its base classes, the creation of these items becomes a mere task of saying what you want to create. Once its in a list, we will be able to access it for its various means. Just taking the address of the object in the first list (a global object list or something?), and place a pointer to that in any of the other sorting type of lists.

I dunno, we will see how it comes out. Maybe I shouldnt have been implimenting collision detection code for the object, before I even had another one to collide with. But that is what got me into getting the new classes setup in the first place. I suppose I could have gotten the game working fine with the array, but I didnt want to have to rebuild it later on if it didn't fit anymore.
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