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Medieval Times

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Sunday, December 12th

Oh well, so much for getting the list box done :P Friday night my friend tells me that he has free tickets to Medieval Times, which is about an hour away from where we live. I told him I couldn't go cause I had already planned stuff, but later he admitted that the free tickets were actually his xmas gift to me and some of our other friends. I had thought he just happened upon free tickets from a friend or something. So I had to drop my plans and go, cause you can't turn down an xmas present like that. I had always wanted to go to Medieval Times anyways.

So I went, and I had a great time. The show was really good, even though the story wasn't anything all that special - but it kept the show moving at least. It's pretty damn immersive, with the King and Princess sitting in their thrones overlooking the games, and wenches and servers to attend to us. You had to eat with your hands, which was a blast, especially regarding the half a chicken they drop onto your plate. Yum. The food was delicious.

We got to root for the black and white knight, who is one of six knights (red, red and yellow, yellow, green and blue being the others). Me and my friends had bought some wooden swords that we were waving around like crazy men as we yelled and screamed for our guy, who ultimately won the games, only to be stabbed by a traitor in the court. Blast!

They also had a falconry demonstration, which was cool as hell, since it included a real falcon flying around the stadium. They also demonstrated several horse manuevers and tricks that were used back then for showmanship and combat.

The fight choreography was pretty good, and I say so with an experienced eye, having done a live show before myself. These guys have to fight in sand too no less. Ouch. They had real metal weapons that sparked when they clashed hard enough. The only parts I didn't like were the binds, when two weapons became locked. There was never any appearance of physical strain by the actors (in the face and body) - it looked like they were just holding their weapons together.

All in all it was a good time, and I'd definetly do it again.
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I love Falconry. I remember when I was a kid we went to a show and I got to 'hold' an Eagle (or something). I remember being in fear of it's HUGE claws but then relaxed because the bird itself was placid as anything (even if it could kill me at any time). Birds of prey are most excellent.

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Could a lone eagle actually kill someone? I can see a bunch of them doing it (read: Alfred Hitchcock's Birds)... Hmm... maybe it could just gouge an eye or two out, peck out your jugular and feed on your rotting corpse?

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I loved Medieval Times. I went when I was younger, but I still remember the awesomeness! I liked the chicken [grin], and the soup (I assume they still serve it). I remember wanting to be a knight after watching that show. Come to think of it, I still do [sad]. I need to go back one day.

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