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Ahh, it's been a busy day. I've grown tired of all the legacy systems and processes in my team at work so have take it upon myself to do some analysis of the problem which will hopefully be used to build a better system. So today I've been talking to people, examining information requirements, designing E/R diagrams, flow charts of business process & information flow and all that good stuff.

It's pretty scary to see that some information was manually entered no less than 9 times across several sheets and systems. The amount of human error that can creep in is huge, almost as much as the wasted time and frustration of the users. So with this information I'm going to set forth some plans to redesign the entire system and processes that support it - a fairly important task as it is critical to the operations of department. At present I'm unsure whether the target platform will be a .NET Application or an ASP.NET Web Application. I'm looking towards the web solution at present but hopefully a full requirements analysis will reveal the true path.

In other news I fixed the big whoops. In case you didn't know I killed my Ubuntu install. Well, sorry no. Killed is a harsh word - I crippled it by deleting some cache files that were needed. It was fixed with a full reinstall - heh. Suffice to say, my knowledge of Linux increases almost daily. I now have to set up Apache AGAIN and get Mono installed and configured properly. Running MonoDevelop is quite hard what will all the bad package repositories with missing dependancies and all. I think I'm literally going to have to compile from source. Oh joy.

In other other news I picked up on my article that's been laid gathering dust for some time. I'll be rejigging the codebase somewhat to make it cross-platform (as I'm on Linux most of the time) which can only be a good thing in the long run.
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