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I'm a bit broke

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Okay, I am a pretty understand guy, but this has really got me. I still work as a temp at the place I do TS for. My temp agency had about 4-5 people there when I started. Checkes would come every Friday, which is good for me because I can't hold money very long. Either way, now there are only 2 temps, the others all got hired on, except the one that decided to take a job elsewhere. They were late last Friday, so I talked to my agent "Blah blah, we don't have enough people out there anymore. You can either come get your check on Fridays, or we can mail it Thursdays.". Okay, what time are your offices open till on friday? 5pm. Well shoot I work untill 6:30 pm every Friday, so please mail it to me on Thursdays from now on. Well, that was last Friday and she said she would throw it into the mail and it would go out that day. Well, it was around 4pm when she said that, so I figure it went out Saturday. She told me it would be at my house Saturday, given a 37cent priority. I guess I didnt see Friday 5pm mail getting to me the next day by 2pm, even tho its only about a 10 mile trip from my house to their office. So Monday would be a normal time for me to get it, but I didn't. And today is Tuesday, I didn't get it. So if I don't get it tomorrow, then I will pick it up Thursday (my day off). Sick, if I pick it up Thursday then they could have my check that they are putting in the mail. But they wouldnt be able to give it to me, even though I am smart enough not to try and deposit a check dated for tomorrow.

Anyways, the check is a small one because I was sick for one day on it. And I was going to pay my student loans with some, and buy my GF her xmas gift. She gave me my present last week! She couldn't wait. :)
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