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Alrighty then.

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Today, surprisingly, was filled with small successes. First of all, I went with my mom and her class (she teaches 3rd grade) on a field trip to see a play and a trip to the mall to see Santa [smile]. While at the mall I broke away for a while to pick up Cowboys from Hell in homage to the late Dimebag [sad].

After cranking some Cemetery Gates, I got to coding.

Yesterday left me with a model loading a single material that included its various properties. Today my goal was to get multiple materials within the same file working so that you could define different properties for different sections of the model (higher reflectiveness or what have you).

To this point I still wasn't quite sure what specularity and shininess values did, so I did some experimentation.

This screenshot left me thinking that I had somehow deleted my normals somewhere along the way, causing the good old outlined look. After some experimentation however with its values, I discovered that it was just too shiny, and wound up with this with shininess set to 10 (which i'm happy with for the time being).

Much better. Now I tried the multiple materials...

My initial approach yielded the following thoroughly messed up image:

After a bit of head scratching, I solved the problem easily. I knew that this particular model was off because it only had one material, and it definitely shouldn't be all colored. It turned out that one of the index values I was using was just the wrong variable, instead of 0 - 3, the desired numbers, I was going from 0 - 400 something, basically putting garbage in as RGBA values.

So, to show off my multiple material models, I give you a cube [wink]!

I wanted to learn by trial and error on this project, so i've used Dave and Kevin's book very little and i'm quite happy with progress so far.

So that was my excitement for the day (I suppose you can tell i'm fairly new to 3D graphics [wink]. Next up - textures.
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Actually, I think my friend did base the model off of some Star Trek images, but this is just for testing at this point. The models aren't guaranteed to be put in, assuming we continue as we have been and finish something [wink]. Right now we just wanted to get something on the screen so we get instant feedback about things and don't lose motivation.

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