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Home again, home again, tum-ti-tum

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I'm back home after Wadham finished with me today. Just to be clear, I was applying for Computer Science (pure, no maths or philosophy involved).

Of the three interviews I had: The first, at Wadham with Professor McColl, went... well, I guess it went OK. He asked me the difficult questions, like "Why do you want to come to Oxford?" Of course faced with a question like that you can't do anything except bullshit your way out, because the alternative is just saying, "It's fucking Oxford, man. I want to come to Oxford because it'll mean a life of easy career choices and hordes of beautiful women."

Actually, I should have said that. Damn.

The second two were both at Somerville. The first went really well - I liked the guy doing it, mainly because he had a visible sense of humour (something I failed to find in the other two interviewers). I rocketed through the problems he gave me, too - though it took me a little while to figure out that the best way to add an extra layer to a full binary tree is to double it and add an extra root (instead of trying to add two nodes to each leaf).

The third was problematic... primarily because I was late. The card they'd given me had 5:20pm written on it in one place, and 5:40pm in another... and unfortunately I'd only been glancing at the latter. I turned up at 5:25pm so it wasn't as bad as it could have been, but still... not a great first impression. The interviewer was this soft-spoken germanic lady who specialises in Maths... after turning up late, I then proceeded to fail to impress her by not being able to sketch the graph of ln(x). [sad] Still, with a bit of guidance I managed to solve the problem. All said and done I'm thinking it went slightly worse than the Wadham interview, but not much worse.

So I'm pretty confident. Of the six universities I applied to (Oxford, Imperial, Warwick, Bath, Nottingham, Leeds) I've recieved five unconditional offers. It'd be nice to get the full set... what it comes down to is whether Oxford are happy enough with the state of my Further Maths education (an unofficial B) or whether they make me a conditional offer on getting an A. (They could make me a conditional offer on getting a B, but I fulfill that with a phonecall). Assuming that they do make me an offer, I'm going to have to do some thinking... Imperial were quite persuasive. At the very least they replaced Warwick as my insurance.

As I said, I was going into work between interviews. For the first time ever today, I got into work after 9:15am (after staying out drinking till 1am), and I left early (officially to go and check for any more interviews, but that kind of segued into clearing up my stuff and checking out of college, and then into going shopping with me mum). However, the head of programming was talking about summer jobs if I was to spend the next four years in Oxford studying... I don't know how serious he was, but I'd imagine that it's a fairly sensible thing to do - I know them, they know me, I know their tools and methods, etc. It'd certainly be nice to fix up my employment for the next four years.

Though they'd have to pay me more.
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