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Now that I am "done" with the new Honeycomb, I have decided to move along with revamping some of the other games I have on my site (as well as making some games I don't yet have on my site).

But, I did not want to immediately go and tackle Cowhead(about to be renamed HeXircuit) just yet. I wanted to take a break from a big game like Honeycomb and switch to a small game, then go back to a big game like Cowhead/HeXircuit.

(I was talking to JohnHattan today, and he mentioned that we must live in a bizarre parallel universe if Honeycomb counts as a "big" game).

So, I'm now updating Click The Yellow Rhombus. I'm mostly done after having worked all of about two hours. Still needs sound and integration into the Top Scores system (Yes, you'll be able to compete globally on Click The Yellow Rhombus).

After CTYR, I'll move on to Cowhead/HeXircuit, then there's JetLag: Crystal Edition. The line-up may change, of course.

I need some help, here. I've got an Unnamed Game. It is based on a game called No Mess. It needs a good name, so if anybody has an idea, I'm open to it. The best name I've been able to come up with so far is "Fivinaro"(say it out loud).
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Hmm, name's close. How about "fyvanaro".

Problem is, I first pronounced the first syllable like "div" rather than "dive", so it took an extra pass to get the joke.

Just mumbling. Ignore me.

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