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fancy that

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I played with the object base class, and moved Update and Render into it. Also made them virtual so I can do other custom things to them later, based on their class but you know. Anyways I also got the Plane class to update and render, cleans up nice too. Everything is acting like I expect it to now, after much tweaking of things. Thats mostly because I have not tryed to do anything with it yet, the plane is static and the collision code is not getting run yet. I'll upload the current source later tonight.

Once I get the objects linked up, have multiple objects in the scene, and all the collision stuff set up right; I will be trying to impliment a sort of hash table for the objects to get their mesh, material, and texture addresses from. This will be nice because right now, I have to delete the object and re new it whenever the device is lost (window resize). When I do that, I lose its internal position and all that other stuff that changed when time passes. What I want to do when I lose the device, is just release all the addresses that are in the table. The object itself will have the same hash to look up with. So then I just make sure that we do back thru all the scenes objects loaded in to the table, and reload the pointers into that position in the table. Thats all I really got for now, I do have some other features that I want to try for the first time. Things like: particle system, child objects, VB/IB buffering. After all that I think that getting DSound going, and hooking up a sound to an event and such should be fun. A menu-system/UI should follow I guess. By this point a level loading routine should be inplace. Finishing up with high scores. Maybe I will play with some pixel shaders just to get farmilar with them, but I dont think I will do anything really cool, my Radion 9000 Pro only handles PS v1.3 (I think is correct).

Enough for now, time to go hunt for food.
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