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Nothing annoys me more than people with no drive, no ambition to further themselves. I'm fairly high strung lately; on one hand there's this headcold blurring all boundaries of reality and on the other there's the desire to further myself in my job. Many people around me are content to work at a pace that allows them to surf the internet for several hours, perhaps taking a little break time to work. There's 4 people on my immediate team, I've been analysing the situation and I believe the same workload could be handled by two people, with the other two focusing upon other business areas - or even better, with the other two focusing upon improvement projects to support the remaing two.

I trained as an IT manager, not your day to day IT management, but your strategic IT management. Everything my 4 years of University education and year of management experience is screaming at me to get these people to see a different way. But most seem to be happy to carry on, change is evil, change is bad.

I don't think I can sit around and take it much longer. Hah, listen to me complaining about nothing to do.
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Take that knowledge and write up a document about the changes you would propose, slip it into the VP or CEOs in-box, and hope for the best. I had a VP who would sit in on team meatings and get people pumped up about coming up with new ideas on how to do things during the meating.

That might be the only level where they can approve the changes anyway.

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