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who reads the subject anyway?

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Today, the texture manager got its face lift and moved into a hash table design. I like it better, its much cleaner. I pretty much copied the tutor on this site, except I didnt want to make each entry a linked list. I did use the recommended values of 383 for a prime and a multiplier of 5. I only have 2 textures that I loaded into the table, so its working great! :) Anyways, I didn't really see a reason to use the linked lists together with the hash table. It just seemed like an extra layer of junk, all I am storing in it now is the name of the texture, and the pointer to its memory. I have enough layers of that I think.

So I'm pleased that the hashing is so simple, I am going to make the meshes and materials use them next. I like that I dont have to walk the linked list to get my pointer, and the hashing is just multiplication and addition, so its cheap. I don't like having to have a fixed size array, for each table. However the size of the table isn't really that big, an 41 char string, and a 32bit pointer. I could even shorten the string length to something like 16 I bet.

I have been trying to impliment a way to reload all the pointers on Invalidate/RestoreDeviceObjects, but I only have the textures doing it right now. So it crashes when it trys to render the mesh that was released, but the pointer is still pointing to the released mesh, blah blah its not done so I didn't upload any new source.

Yup its late, time for bed.
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