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Ok, So on friday night I was out in leeds till about 4am. The next day i woke up at 10, saturday night was a normal night went to bed around 11.30, woke up at 8 the next day for work. But since its christmas week and i work part time at morrisons, it was the worst sunday ever!! So i did an 8-7 shift, Came home, ate some food and fell asleep, now im posting here (11.28)? Thats like 4 hours sleep! Now im all alert, and ready, il never sleep tonight. Blah.

Anyways, on a lighter note I have been thinking of a new game concept.

A friend was talking to me the other day describing a game, but the way he described it made me think. Imagine a 3rd person shooter combined with a light-gun shoot em up.

The player could run around levels, then when it came to fight somone, the game view would change to a light-gun style shoot em up. This could occur in certain siuations such as when your hiding behind boxes, or when your crouched aiming at an enemy, The only issue with this is that it would require two pieces of hardware, a gun and a joypad. But if you invented some kind of new hardware where you could have a gun ( or dual :D ) in a holster, you could run around and draw your weapon ( so it switched into shooting mode) then when you replaced it, went back into normal 3rd person mode. The other option here is to have a combined lasergun and joypad (not sure if these exsist).

Now... Time to find somthing to do. Toodles.

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i played a game sorta like what you're talking about in the arcades once. the game sucked ass, but the novelty of it brought me back to it again and again. they had a machine-gun hard-linked to the control panel, like the terminator stand-up arcade, and beside it to the right was a stick. as you aimed the machinegun, a target cursor onscreen moved around to help you figure out where you were aiming, and if you turned the gun to its extents along x, you would turn your character around in 3d in the game. when you used the stick, the character would slide around. i don't think i'll ever remember what it was called, but the graphics were worse than wolfenstein 3d and there was no up/down tilting - and the thing ate quarters like a summabtch..

so it was set up so you always had your gun out, but they had figured out how to change the view angle. if they had stuck a button on there that let you change the angle by how far off-center you had the gun, it might have worked even better (and it would have made looking up/down alot easier) but i suppose just getting a light-gun for the pc would be a biatch. bleh

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