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Dual Analog - Target Practice

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[journal dump]

well, i thought i'd add noise to the game, but it turns out winforms doesn't do sounds. i'm not going to learn directsound unless its INCREDIBLY easy to do - i guess we'll see later. i even made a shooty noise and everything >:(

now we do the collision bit. [working] well that was easy. the shot forgets to disappear when it hits the target, but its cool that way because you can see where you hit it. now we can move on to the scoring part. [working] ok, now theres a score tracker. i want to add a hit/miss ratio tracker too, just for fun.

i notice that sometimes you can see things move a little choppy and i realize that i could still be doing things a little better. if instead of doing two calls to change .Top and .Left, i could set the Position to a new Position(x,y); this would do both ops at once and eliminate the choppy. [working]

ok, the choppy is fixed. i also added the movement of the target when you hit it - still need to randomize its spawn position. i also dead-zoned the face, but not the crosshair. is it even necessary? if you're not aiming, its your own silly fault. perhaps it wouldn't hurt, though..

now i want to finish up the game with a main timer that counts down from 1:00 min. after that the game's main bit is done. i can add a frontend and highscore table and all that stuff later. the game's gotta get done.
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Hey SG, long time no speak. What are you working on, it sounds interesting. If your looking for sound, Why not use managed DirectX?, everythings easy with that. :)

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