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Save yourself.

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Warning, do not fail to save your work when you stop and take a break for an extended period of time. I built a base class for my hash tables, because I will have 3. I didn't want to write the same code 3 times with just different naming syntax. But aside of all the cool things I thought I was getting done, I was reminded promptly to stop coding so I could shower before my familys thing today. Blah blah I get back and start doing something, my computer locks up. Rebooted and lost about an hour and a half of converting my other linked lists into hash tables. It was pretty close to ready, I was still cleaning up old interaction methods.

I decided to make things different again, I want to have each mesh to only have one material and texture. So materials will hash out the same as the mesh. Textures will have to be assiged, I will do this at the same level that sets the mesh (Sphere,Plane). An object that requires multiple materials will need to assign the mesh with the different material as a child. I want to bring in a 'default' material that will be used on most everything. Then only special things like effects that are not static would be getting a different material. I wanted this so I can batch more tris into a call and not worry about the material, still out of reach as I am currently drawing with a DrawSubset(..) for each object in the scene. Anyways, first things first, I always get ahead of myself when designing.

There is no way I'm going to get to write anything else tonight, I'm just too tired, will even goto bed early I think. A short work week ahead, but even with a 4 day weekend I know I will be away from this.
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