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Internal Debate: To maple! Wait.. no.. work. *works* thinking:maplemaplemaplemaplemaplemaplemaplemaple CRACK! *goes to maple*. MAPLE: ...CrAsH!! BWAAHA. *sigh* Work. workworkwork.

External Debate: CRASH! crash!!!! Kaboom!!

Oh - on the way home I saw something like 4 accidents. Snowstorm took everyone by surprise. My weather RSS feed says: 17F Lightning observed weather at time of writing, so I guess it isn't snowing anymore. Oh well.

I mean, how STUPID do you have to be to open your hood when its on fire. SERIOUSLY. What the hell did the guy think would happen?! Called the fire dept, they pick up, I tell them I'm on highway ** and the guy on the line says "Vehicule fire?" "Uh huh" "Yeah, we know".

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