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Linux baby!

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Well, I decided saturday that I would uninstall Red Hat Fedora Core 2 and try out my SuSe 9.1 Professional dvd. Well during this time, I managed to screw windows so it would boot, but where you select your users, the users did not show, nor did the turn off button, just the background.

So I said screw it, I am going to go ahead and install linux, well I did and I don't regret it one bit. Suse is way better in xp in a lot of ways, only thing I lost was my good sounding surround sound, now it is a little fuzzy.


In the coding aspect I haven't done much lately due to school. That will change now as it is holiday time. :)
I have been thinking about working on my teams game and starting a "little" side project.

This "little" side project would be an OS. I have been reading up on the coding a lot today, even at school, perks of helping the sysadmin[grin].

For my teams game, I will be doing some water as well as a few other things.

Does anyone know how I can add NASM to KDE 3.2's development submenu?

You can see a picture of my new, shiny, linux comp here
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