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I'm Done :(

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Well I finally finished college yesterday. It's pretty depressing now that I have to get a real job. Unfortunately, having only a B.A. in English isn't going to really land me a job in game development. If anyone wants to hire me though, feel free!

I plan to fully start job hunting after the new year. I hope the Christmas gift money and graduation gifts hold me till then, needless to say I see some minimum payments being sent to my credit cards for the next month or so :-p.

I already have a pretty solid idea for my next project. At it's core it will be a turn based strategy game, which I need to start making some rules for. The question though is what language/API to use. I really have enjoyed using C# and Managed DirectX, and I think I'm leaning heavily towards that way. Naysayers can feel free to comment to this entry in their vain efforts to sway me.
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