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so it works again

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I think the hash tables are done, everthing clears up nicly with all current options. Basic statup/shutdown, reloading scene, resizing window, and the shutdown after restore/reload works too. It gave me a little trouble once. I can now go back to setting up a method to handle multiple objects dynamicly. What I mean by that is calling all the updates, and running the collision code tests. Maybe then I can handle the responces, I feel stupid with the virtual functions setup, and the collision tests coded, before I even have them running. I'm interisted in how they come out because I pulled and modified them from my older collision code (which I thought worked 'ok'). Plus updates for plane tests, thats what I'm interisted in seeing really. I gotta goto bed, after I get off work tomorrow its a 4 day weekend. I will upload the code prolly tomorrow, for anyone that cares.
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